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Human Rights means the right relating to life liberty, equality and dignity of individual corporate guaranteed by the consideration or embodied in the International of Covenants and enforceable by the court in India.

Human Rights Council of India (Protection of Human Rights) was formed in the year 2012 on 16th February with a view to serve the country by means of humanity without personal interest. We are a Non-Government, Non Political, and Social Organization. Human Rights Council of India (Protection of Human Rights) began its endless journey with the co-operation of visionaries like Chandra Sekhar Dey, Ramakant Pandit, who had a deep and vast experience in the field of Human Rights Protection and Social Services. We began our activities in a small office in Delhi, at present; we are working in Seven States and more than 125 Block, Sub-division and district committees all over the India.

Our mission to propagate the convents of human right and humanity to every citizen of our country and service to helpless, destitute person and orphans.
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Address : 5, Clive House, Stand Road, Room No: 14, Kolkata-700001

Email : info@dlds.in


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With the help of our highly equipped intellectual network and modern devices like information Technology, unearth the sources of any crime, identities the criminal and books them for punishment.


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our official website, along with a new look we have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site a quicker, easer and more interactive experience. Within a few days it will be totally completed with all the required information about our organization.