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5, Clive House, Stand Road,
Room No: 14,
Kolkata-700001, West Bengal
Tel: +91 033 68888442
Mobile: +91 07687821780

Please contact our office address or send your cv at our email .

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033-68888442 24/7 Help Support

Address : 5, Clive House, Stand Road, Room No: 14, Kolkata-700001

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About Us

With the help of our highly equipped intellectual network and modern devices like information Technology, unearth the sources of any crime, identities the criminal and books them for punishment.


We are very pleased to announce the launch of our official website, along with a new look we have included some features that we hope will make visiting the site a quicker, easer and more interactive experience. Within a few days it will be totally completed with all the required information about our organization.