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DLDS provides consultancy services during the course of Investigation and the court cases as it has got pool of expert people who have rich experience of Investigations, vigilance and legal works. Thus we help in getting the justice in the benefit of society and our esteemed clients. Our specialization is in all type of criminal cases, debt recovery cases and the vigilance work.

Our Legal Consultants welcomes the opportunity to work with its venerated clients and provide legal consultancy in its jurisdiction at present all over India. In this respect, legal services of DLDS Legal encompass the followings :

Family Laws & Personal Laws

M/s. DLDS Legal deals in the following areas under family laws & personal laws:

Real - Estate

DLDS legal is specialized in top level transactional work for local and national clients investing in the Real Estate sector in India specially in the eastern zone. Clients are attracted by its ability to provide the full range of integrated services, particularly on typical ancient documents/transaction in vernacular language of Bengal. Real Estate Practice of DLDS Legal has achieved considerable reputation, particularly in the areas of Land Acquisition matters.

The team is fully dedicated to ensure all the compliances with regard to property and real estate laws and matters incidental and ancillary to it in relation to compliances under the Central laws as well as respective State Laws. Our team is familiar with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, and provisions of security involved in financing transactions. DLDS Legal provides compensative advice and legal services on all real-estate matters, including (but not limited to) the following arenas:

Complete Land Acquisition / Property Purchase

Legal Due Diligence & Report on Title (which includes perusal of all property related available documents, conducting of searches in Registration Offices, B.L. & L.R.O Dept, PCB, KM.D.A., K.I.T, L.A. Dept., Perusal of Governments Order/Notification etc, Corporation/Municipalities/Panchayats and other Government Offices, Courts/Litigation Search, etc or as specified by clients.

Property Registration at all over India of the documents which includes (but not limited to) Deed of Conveyance, Deed of Rectification, Lease / Sub-Lease Deed, Deed of Leave and Licence, Deed of Gift, Deed of Partition, Deed of exchange, Power of Attorney, Tenancy Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Concessionaire Agreement, Agreement for Sale , Partnership Deed, Joint Development Agreement, Deed of Declaration, Deed of Mortgage, Will, Deed of Settlement etc.

Drafting of Several documents including but not limited to Agreements/Deeds, Lease /Sub Lease Agreement, Leave & License Agreement, Tenancy Agreement, Franchise Agreement, Concessionaire Agreement, Agreement for Sale , Partnership Deed, Legal Notice, Letter of Intent, Indemnity Bond, Power of Attorney, Assignment Deeds, Deed of Partition, Deed of Mortgage, Will, Deed of Gift, Deed of Settlement, Affidavits, MOU etc.


M/s. DLDS Legal has Extensive experience in dealing with the Telecom sector. It has advised and assisted several prominent companies in the aforesaid sector in various Lease Agreements, property management, Consumer Matters, Civil Matters, vendor contracts, etc.


DLDS has a wide range of experience in Alternate Dispute Resolution (Arbitration) matters. it represents all matters coming under the purview of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

Represent Clients in Arbitration


M/s. DLDS Legal has an active litigation practice. It deals with commercial disputes across the entire range of contractual transactions. Also deals with property, real estate and construction related litigation/claims of all kinds. Consumer Matters handling proficiently all over west Bengal. DMD is well equipped to undertake claims before the company and consumer courts. DLDS Legal has expertise and experience has proved to be of distinct benefit to clients demanding urgency in cases seeking interim measures to protect assets within the jurisdiction of West Bengal courts. Generally, by pursuing the most appropriate interim remedies.

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