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Our security specialists, either armed or unarmed ensure a safe and secure environment for your property or event. We consider a "successful event" to be one with no loss of property, zero disruptions, and the absolute personal safety of all attendees.

Unarmed and Armed security officers are given either a professional dress uniform or a tactical uniform, depending on the client's needs. This versatility enables the guard to best fit in with his/her environment, and have an inconspicuous presence when necessary.

Our Security Officers Provide Six Key Services:

24 Hours Supervision: We maintain a 24 hour dispatcher who ensures that all posts are properly filled. The dispatcher is also responsible for any assistance that the officers might need, and he/she provides valuable customer service to all clients. We also maintains a Watch Commander on duty 24 hours a day. The Watch Commander ensures that all posts are correctly serviced, and that all cameras are working properly.

Deterrence: The presence of a uniformed security officer provides a substantial deterrent to criminal and inappropriate activity at the location of assignment.

Observation & Reports: A uniformed security officer observes activity, reports any criminal or inappropriate activity to the proper authority, and documents all pertinent information at the job site.

Safety: A uniformed security officer enforces safety policies, takes action against safety hazards, ensures that property safety equipment is accounted for, and takes appropriate action in the event of an emergency.

Protection of Persons & Property: Within the limits of local and state law, a uniformed security officer will take all responsible and necessary steps to protect persons and property, including the apprehension of suspects and the use of deadly force when necessary.

Customised Services: We will customize guard orders for your location to include duties such as locking doors at a certain time, checking in visitors and vehicles, searching vehicles, and any other security-related activity.

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